About us
We deeply believe in "prevention is better than cure".

While we call ourselves a "clinic", we do not only serve patients. While we are led by physiotherapist, we want to reduce the therapy required by those who visit us. While we can offer general physiotherapist services such as post-operation rehabilitation i.e. rehab, what we want to promote is the prevention of illness and injuries i.e. prehabilitation or prehab.
About Prehab
Our clinical experience show that, proper prehabilitation can prevent a lot of illnesses and injuries, and hence reduce the medical expenses, bodily discomforts and potential permanent damage that they cause.

In fact, prehab is not something new to any of us – in order to maintain our dental health, we brush our teeth twice a day and visit dentist every half to one year to wash and check our teeth – this is prehab for our teeth. Teeth make a small part of our body, but we all do prehab for them. What about our muscles and bones which make about 70% of body weight? How much time would you spend on their maintenance everyday? Do you regularly seek professional help in checking and correcting problems with them?

To keep our muscles and bones healthy and to reduce the risk of injuries, we recommend doing an optimal amount of exercise a day and seeing professionals every three months to one year for assessment and early identification and correction of anomalies.
Our professional and enthusiastic team offers the following services:
Postural and musculoskeletal assessment
Exercise classes
Prehab knowledge sharing
Sales of prehab gadgets
Sports therapy
Post-surgical treatment and advise on prevention of future injuries
We have carefully selected a list of home-use prehab gadgets for you to choose from, for example:
  • Vasyli series
  • ICB series
  • Dr. Prehab series
Postural correction
  • Lumbar support for chair
  • Posture medic
  • Dr. Prehab mini resistance bands
  • Ergonomic devices
Massage and soft tissue release
  • Percussion massage gun
  • Myofascial massage ball
  • Foam roller
  • Vibration foam roller
  • Hand-held massage roller
  • Electric heating pad
Exercise tools
  • Dr. Prehab mini resistance bands
  • T-Max kinesiology tape
  • Rigid strapping tape
Electronic devices
  • Tanita body composition analyser
  • Veinoplus series
  • Eletric heating pad
Activities and classes
We regularly launch a variety of prehab workshops, exercise classes and courses led by our team and our different partners. Please check with our team for details.
Experienced professional team and partners
Registered Physiotherapist

Derek Yeung

  • - Registered Physiotherapist (Hong Kong)
  • - MSc in Acupuncture (CUHK)
  • - BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy (PolyU)
  • - Clinical Pilates instructor (DMA)
  • - Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate (AASFP)
  • - Balance Taping Instructor (Balance Taping International)

Chloe Mo

  • - Registered Physiotherapist (Hong Kong)
  • - BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy (PolyU)
  • - Acupuncture Accreditation (HKPA)
  • - Fitball Instructor (AASFP)
  • - Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP)
  • - Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance)
Registered Sports Therapist

Aries Cheng

  • - Registered Sports Therapist (UK)
  • - BSocSc (Hons) in Sports and Recreation Management (THEi)
  • - Class 3 Football Referee
  • - Level 0 Cricket Coach Certificate
  • - Level 1 Kinball Coach Certificate
  • - Immediate Care in Sports Level 2 (HKRU)
Certified Sports Coach

Registered Dietitian

Registered Medical Practitioner

Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Certified Pedorthist